Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking Adventure Play to a Whole New Level

Our Adventure Play program has been retooled and upgraded to an exciting new opportunity. AP is designed to provide an alternative environment for elementary kids who have already attended the 9:30 service and who are staying while their parents serve at 11:00AM. Our new focus will be on Positive Coaching in athletic skills, personal character, fitness, and coordination. Our coaching team will consist of Anthony Box, Chuck Bolles, and Bill Oakley, all experienced coaches with a passion for making a difference in the lives of kids.

Kids will be encouraged to improve their personal skills through exercise, practice, and teamwork in a variety of sports. Since sports are a great metaphor for life we will use the opportunity to build character and self esteem in a fun environment of competition and challenge.

If you know kids who are into sports, encourage them to go to AP after attending the 9:30 Pier classes. They'll have a blast!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Review

BayKids Rock! You guys are the best and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with you. Here are a few props:

1. Volunteer staffing was great- lots of help and everybody was so unselfish and flexible.

2. We had almost 20 new kids on Sunday! That's a whole new class in 1 weekend!

3. Good feedback from people who escorted new guests to their classrooms- that really made the new environments comfortable for the parents.

4. One new kid said to his mom as she was picking him up- "Mom, can we come here every day?" That makes me want to scream!!
5. We doubled our sno-cone team! The kids consider it an honor to get to do sno-cones. I want more volunteers like that!!
6. We put a DVD player at the info kiosk to show new people what happens in class.
7. And here's the best of all, even though it isn't directly related to kids, 7 first-time guests jumped off the path to hell and joined the family of God!!!!
This thing works, people! What a way to celebrate our 3rd birthday! Go God.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Printing More Money!

No, the economy in BayKids is not in a recession but we are printing more money! Starting this weekend we are giving DOUBLE BAYBUCKS for the month of September! That means if a kid brings a friend to church, they will get 10 BayBucks for that guest, plus all the other ways to earn BayBucks! In anticipation of increased spending, the presses are cranking out new money!

These next few weeks will be exciting as we see lots of new kids coming into our environments and we're ready to plug them in to all the cool stuff at CATB. We've even doubled our Sno Cone Team and we'll be ready to serve everybody this month. When you see some of our kids volunteering, be sure to tell them how cool it is for them to serve!