Friday, March 28, 2008

Here we go!

Leaving my world and entering the Bloggosphere! So as we launch this thing, let me give you some ideas about where we're going. My plan is for this to help us connect with stuff about helping kids chase God. Whether you are a volunteer or a parent or both, you know that interacting with kids is both fun and challenging. It's also a huge task and we want to do it with the best tools possible. So I'll be sharing lots of ideas, most of which will not be original, to better equip us to help kids get a good start in life.

I'll also keep you up to speed on what's coming at CATB BayKids. Our purpose there is to build a solid spiritual foundation so that when a kid gets to the age where he or she can consciously choose to follow Christ, they will naturally and easily make that choice. So the first few posts will probably deal with our beliefs about how kids understand God and what we can do to connect with them at their level of understanding. And we'll lay out the strategy for why we do things so you can see the big picture.

I also want this to be a vehicle for dialogue so feel free to chat back. I don't plan to do this every day; maybe once a week or so. It's not about me but about kids so you probably won't get a lot of silly details about my personal life, unless it helps illustrate a point.

So if you find this helpful, pass the word to your friends and tell them to sign up, or better yet, invite them to volunteer with you and let's take a run at this together.