Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This weekend we launched our new "BayKids Rock It" theme, complete with outer space designs everywhere. I don't have enough pictures of the new areas yet to redo our slide show but that will come soon. The coolest part of the weekend was seeing all our volunteers serving, (including some astronauts) especially some of our older kids.

For me, one of the evaluation markers I watch is kids serving. I know it primarily applies to the older classes but it represents the culmination of our ministry philosophy. If we can see kids getting plugged into service before they move up to middle school, I feel like we have succeeded in instilling some of the core values of our faith.

Adults modeling this with enthusiasm and excitement make it a natural step for a kid who is developing a relationship with God. They grow up expecting service to be a normal outcome of their belief system and early in life they begin to discover how God has gifted them. Ultimately that should produce a generation of men and women to whom service is an instinctive part of their faith.