Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is Santa Claus OK for Christian Families?

Pretty sure I'll get some pushback on this from the Pharisees but I think Santa Claus is fine for Christian families. Couple of reasons why:

1. If you remove all fantasy from your child's life, you rob them of creative imagination. All fictional children's stories, including cartoons and comic books, have made-up characters and most people are OK with them.

2. When your kids get old enough, they'll figure it out. No need to fear them becoming emotionally devastated by the inevitable reality. Nobody ever committed suicide when they realized SpongeBob wasn't real either.

3. When they get old enough, teach them about the real St. Nicholas legend, a man who embodied the spirit of giving that Jesus demonstrated.

4. The story of Santa Claus does not necessarily exclude the true Christmas story. You can include both in your celebration until they get old enough to know the difference.

Whatever you do at Christmas, make sure your kids know that it's all about giving, not getting. Jesus' birth is the greatest model of giving and even toddlers can learn the joy of giving if you lead them correctly. Help them make a gift for somebody, something that they personalize and watch them light up at the reaction of the recipient. Let them help you make cookies for the neighbors, etc.- but whatever you do, teach them to give. Playing Santa Claus can be really fun for them!