Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Schedule

I love the flexibility and "whatever it takes" attitude of our BayKids volunteer team. You guys have adjusted to a lot of changes and you consistently step up to handle whatever challenges we face. Now with our new service schedule, we want to be sure you get to enjoy the services with Pastor Hal every week, even the weekends when you serve.

Beginning this Sunday, you will be able to watch the entire service, music and all, right here. You will be given a card with the password on it and you can sit back, relax with a cup of coffee, and enjoy the complete experience. We're doing this to ensure that one of our core values holds up- we want every volunteer experiencing the weekend so you will be encouraged and challenged to grow in your faith. You will be better equipped to serve in your classes when you are on the right path toward God.

The video will post at approximately 5PM each Sunday afternoon and you can check it out anytime after that, even throughout the week as your schedule permits. So thanks for all you do to help our kids learn about God. Let's keep growing together!