Thursday, January 22, 2009

Children's Bibles

Last night on our church's live Internet chat, a question came in about where a child should start to read in the Bible and what version. So I promised some recommendations about that today.

Before I give you some specific Bibles to use, let me address the whole issue of what kids should read in the Bible. Obviously we believe the whole Bible is inspired by God but certainly there are areas that are not age-appropriate for children. I'm even appalled by some "Sunday School" curriculum that goes over some pretty gruesome stories that I wouldn't recommend for young kids, unless you want to give them nightmares about being swallowed by the family goldfish or having to spe
nd a night in the lion's cage at the zoo for spilling their milk. And the story of Abraham sacrificing his son Issac on the altar is not exactly bedtime reading either.

The key is to understand the developmental stage of the child and target their reading to stories they can understand and grasp the life lesson. With that in mind, here are some age-appropriate Bible books I would recommend. You can probably find any of these at

The Beginner's Bible
This is targeted at ages 4-8

The Adventure Bible
This is targeted at ages 6-10 and uses the NIV for Kids version.

The Comic Book Bible
This is targeted at ages 9-12 and really has a comic book feel.

So be wise in your selections and your kids can learn to love the Bible and benefit from memories that will guide their choices for a lifetime.