Thursday, October 30, 2008

RayHawk Fun!

We had some fun last Sunday with some of our kids getting RayHawks! Unfortunately the Rays lost last night but we're still proud of them.

Lots of cool stuff coming in the next few weeks. Our Angel Tree goes up this weekend as we start the drive to collect Christmas presents for needy kids in our area. Last year we sponsored 135 kids and we expect to blow by that number this year.

We're also going to participate in a Fall Festival at Westchase Elementary on Friday Nov.14th. If you can help between 4-7pm, let me know. We want CATB faces to supervise an inflateable and pass out balloons and stuff to kids.

We're also looking at visiting some kids at the Shriners Hospital around Christmas to bring some cheer to them. If you want to go, email me.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kids Love It Here!

Nothing makes my day more than hearing about a kid whose life is being changed by CATB's children's ministry. This weekend we will see that clearly in the kids who are being baptized. Every volunteer, from the nursery to the elementary groups, gets credit for creating an environment where kids can find God and take their first steps with Him.

This past Sunday a Dad told me that, on their way home the week before, his daughter said to him, "Daddy, I love this church so much. I don't ever want to leave it." WOW! Unlike the NFL, we don't penalize for celebrations or taunting so I'm thinking of some hyper ways to vent my excitement when I hear stuff like that. Makes me want to stand over the crumpled body of the enemy and yell, "That's one more you won't get on your team, Loser!", followed by a fist bump to heaven for another victory.
Don't ever give up on reaching out to kids. You are changing eternity for them and that's one investment that will never fail.