Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Kids Network

Have you ever wished there was a Christian version of Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel so your kids could watch some safe programming that would teach them good stuff? Coming this Fall- Jelly Telly! Its being produced by Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales. It's in the developmental stages right now and may have some promise. Time will tell if it develops into something big but I like the concept.

The video intro is almost 30 mins. long but if you want to stay up on what's hot with kids, you should check this out. It's worth the time to watch it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Persistent Kids

One of my goals in Children's Ministry is to make a kid's church experience so much fun that they can't wait to get there. CATB volunteers are making that a reality.

This past weekend a dad told me this story. They had gone to Disney on Saturday, come home late and tired, and decided to let the kids sleep in on Sunday morning. But to his surprise, he was awakened by his 3 year old daughter. She had gotten up, dressed herself, and came into her parents bedroom to announce, "Come on, Daddy, we've got to go to church!"

You guys rock! You have made the God experience so compelling that our kids don't want to miss it. When a kid grows up associating God with good things, they are much more likely to follow Christ as they grow to know Him better.

Ya'll did it again! Way to go, Team!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Crying Kids

Of course we hate to see kids crying at church but last week I got very excited when it happened. One of our volunteer families was helping with the gym set-up and had their young boy with them. It was time to leave and he pitched a fit. He didn't want to go. Mom tried to console him but he kept saying, "But I want to go to church, Mommy."

When I heard that I did a Tiger Woods fist pump. That's the kind of environment I want to create, where kids fuss about having to leave church. Sure beats my experience as a child, huh?

I guess I say it too much but you guys that serve with BayKids fulfill our mission statement every weekend by being a Difference Maker. You have made God and church a vital part of the life of a boy who is only 3 years old. How cool is that?! Imagine what kind of Christ follower he might turn out to be! I love working with you guys. Let's nail it again this weekend.