Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Big Easter Celebration

Lots of stuff for kids on Easter Sunday-
1. The traditional Easter Egg Hunt hosted by none other than the Easter Bunny, live and in person. Follows each service near the bounce houses. Find the Golden Eggs and get an extra prize! Bags will be provided for kids to collect their eggs.

2. Elementary kids will begin a month long contest to bring 1st time friends. They will score points for each friend they bring in April and then get additional points for each Sunday that friend comes back. The winner at the end of the month will get a Land Shark kneeboard!

3. Some of our BayKids will be getting baptized- what a terrific experience on Resurrection Day!

4. Preschool and Elementary classes will clearly explain the meaning of the Resurrection in age-appropriate terms. We want every kid to know that Easter is about Jesus and His amazing love for them!

So bring all the kids you can find- it will be an awesome day of fun and celebration at Church At the Bay!! Find out more at www.churchatthebay.com